We are not a school. Whether your child is in school, at a creche, or at home, you will be offered an opportunity to coach your child, using evidence based practices, to help your child to reach his/her potential.

We are a centre focused on empowering caregivers or parents. We offer fully sponsored training opportunities to caregivers, to tap into the primary resource in the child’s life. Parents come into the centre once to twice per month with the aim of learning core skills to help guide them in their teaching of their child.

In order to apply, you will need to send us a copy of the report stating that your child has received an Autism diagnosis. This, along with the registration forms, are all that is required to apply.  Please contact should you wish to apply.  Whether our child is non-verbal or verbal, requires low, moderate or high support needs- all families are welcomed. Please note that because we are an NPO, priority is given to families with fewer resources available to them.

Els for Autism | South Africa is a Not-for-profit organisation. As such we rely on fundraising events and sponsorships so as to continue to provide our services to families without cost to those families.  As a result, we do not offer sponsorship for third party events or organisations at this time.

For requests regarding fundraising opportunities, please email
14 March 2024The Els Club Copperleaf
5 April 2024Stellenbosch Golf Club
25 April 2024Dainfern Golf Estate
3 May 2024Bloemfontein Golf Club
31 May 2024Prince’s Grant Golf Estate
20 JulySkukuza Golf Club


The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act) is a protection system that makes sure companies are lawfully processing your personal information. The POPI Act deals with the clients’ right to privacy and the right to access of information.

The information Els for Autism│South Africa collects:

Els for Autism│South Africa (Els) will collect and process all clients’ personal information mainly to contact the client for the purposes of updating them on current newsletters, events and added information discussed in session. For this purpose, we will collect contact details which will include the client’s name and contract details.

Personal information includes, but is not limited to:

  • Client’s name, surname, address, and postal code;
  • Client’s contact number and or email address;
  • Client’s relevant medical ;
  • Client’s demographic, financial, and other related information.

 How Els for Autism│South Africa will use your information?

We will use the client’s personal information only for the purposes for which it was collected and will be processed for that purpose only.

Usage of personal information includes:

  • To confirm, verify and update client details,
  • To conduct customer satisfaction research or for statistical analysis,
  • For record keeping purposes,
  • In connection with legal proceedings,
  • To allow the provider access to client information on how to best manage and guide the client.

 Disclosure of Information:

Els for Autism│South Africa may only disclose the client’s personal information to a medical provider or other authorised personal once the client has provided us with consent to do so.

 Els may also disclose your information:

  • Where we have a duty or a right to disclose in terms of law or industry codes,
  • Where we believe that there is an imminent threat to public health or public safety,
  • Where we believe that there is a threat to the life or health of the client or another individual,
  • Where we believe it is necessary to protect our rights.
  • Where the information will be used for historical, statistical or research purposes – in a non-identifiable form.

Els is legally obliged to provide adequate protection for the personal information we hold and to prevent any unauthorized access and/or use of personal information. Els will continuously review security controls and processes to ensure that personal information remains secure.

Els for Autism│South Africa’s privacy policies and procedures cover (but are not limited to):

  • Physical security;
  • Computer and network security;
  • Access and corrections to personal information and service-related files;
  • Secure communications between client, staff and third parties;
  • Retention and disposal of information;
  • Acceptable usage of personal information;
  • Governance and regulatory issues;
  • Monitoring access and usage of private information;
  • Investigating and reacting to security incidents.
  1. The client has the right to access, update, correct or delete the personal information and service-related information Els holds relating to them. Once a client objects to the processing of their personal information, we may no longer process said personal information. Once a client has completed and or terminated services (and or services have been terminated), all personal information will be discarded in accordance with the POPI act.
  2. Terminated or discarded Personal information will be kept in secure storage for 7 years (as per requirement by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board (BACB)), once 7 years have passed, the client’s personal information will be destroyed as per the POPI act.
  3. Obtaining access to files can result in the client having to pay a small fee, this is payable to Els. These files will be available to the client or third party after a designated number of days (decided by Els for Autism│South Africa).

If you would like to access or correct any personal information, please do not hesitate to contact us on:

For more information with regards to the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) act, please visit: